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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas

Jan 10, 2019

This week the guys are back from their holiday vacation and are pumped up for 2019. The topic for today is what does it take to go from good to great?  What are the systems and routines that take a person to the next level? ET goes over the importance of studying oneself and how that is the best tool to help you get to the next level.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [02:48] - Christmas Recap
  • [18:00] - CJ at Target
  • [29:00] - Getting Momentum
  • [41:00] - The Systems
  • [59:13] - Modify the Routine
  • [1:05:00] - Money Changed Them
  • [1:12:00] - Nugget of The Day

Listener Perks:

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The Secrets to Success:

  • The Passport Personality Assessment
  • Plan 2 Prosper Journal
  • Don’t change your prices in 2019 if you’re not increasing your value.
  • If your routine is off your results are off.
  • Sometimes you’re scared to lose something when on the other side there is something greater.
  • The success is in your daily routine and the 5 people closest to you routine.
  • Momentum can swing either way, towards the negative or the positive.

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