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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Nov 29, 2018

While on the road to success we often have a hard time balancing things. In particular the balance between being grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished you also desire and want more. This week on the podcast the guys talk about how to walk that fine line of being grateful yet not being satisfied. ET breaks down how he’s been able to stay focused on his original goal and not get caught up in wanting more for the wrong reasons.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [03:50] - Tis The Season
  • [11:40] - Petty Parent
  • [18:40] - Balancing Act
  • [38:00] - Set The Precedent
  • [54:00] - Shifting Gears
  • [1:15:50] - Ask ET
  • [1:34:09] - Nugget of The Day

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The Secrets To Success:

  • Your growth should be your own growth and not society’s growth.
  • Your wants should only change in the scope of your own goals and dreams.
  • The goal of going to the next level should not involve losing yourself.
  • Don’t get to a point where you have your freedom yet you are a slave to what people think.
  • Don’t live someone else’s dream because it may become a nightmare.

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