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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Mar 29, 2018

By the time you hear this I’m sure you’ll know that Loyola has made it to the Final Four. Loyola is a college basketball team that ET has been working with all year. The guys talk extensively on what it took for them to get there. The mindset, the work ethic, and the amount of faith they have in themselves. Although all three of those things were important CJ pointed out that one thing these guys did consistently, in every game, was make their reverse layups. It’s what they are good at, it’s their super power if you will. Karl then poses the question “What’s your reverse lay up ?” Hopefully after today’s episode you’ll figure yours out.

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [02:17] - Fair or Foul
  • [06:15] - The Underdogs
  • [21:20] - The Special Ingredient
  • [36:45] - ETA Is Still A Underdog
  • [56:00] - Ask ET
  • [1:20:00] - Nugget of The Day

Listener Perks:

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Gems From The Podcast:

  • “Don’t look at an opportunity based on size.”
  • “Sometimes the blessings you’re looking for aren’t coming from where you think they’re coming from.”
  • “You need every personality around you to be great.”
  • “Don’t scout your identity out of the process.”

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