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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Jun 4, 2020

Today's Podcast is being released during one of the most tumultuous and tragic periods in our country's recent history. The past several weeks have seen the murders of innocent Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement-Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.  And, the revelation that earlier this year, Ahmaud Arbery, a young Black man out for a run in rural Georgia, had been hunted down and murdered by a band of emboldened and empowered racists. His crime, jogging in a neighborhood they felt he had no business.  
In the face of these excruciating losses, and after hearing the same bigoted arguments made in justification of their deaths,  our country and, the world screamed in unison, "ENOUGH!"  We've all had enough. We're fed up with Bigotry, fed up with our communities being underserved and underrepresented and blamed for the ills that lack of support has nurtured, fed up with institutionalized, systemic racism, fed up with blatant in your face racism, inequality and injustice.
Collectively, we are tired. 
Sadly, but not surprisingly, each of the guys has experienced racism and knows it's as American as Apple Pie and Baseball. Today, they've brought their perspectives and experiences to the Podcast. Jemal King, a former police officer, CJ, a bi-racial man, Karl, a native of Barbados, and ET, who grew up in the inner cities of Chicago and Detroit, who's seen it all. Rich or poor, educated or not, racism considers none of that. It discriminates equally and plays itself out in the daily lives of people of color worldwide. Today's Podcast will shed some light on what that continues to look like for this fantastic foursome.  
The Secret to Success Topics:
  • [01:45] - Trey’s Comedy Corner
  • [07:21] - George Floyd 
  • [14:00] - Forever Ago
  • [28:00] - It Ain’t For Them
  • [40:00] - Walk With Us
  • [48:25] - As A Officer
  • [1:03:00] - The Disconnect
  • [1:20:00] - Where Do You Stand?
  • [1:41:00] - Don’t Quit
Secrets 2 Success:
  • If you’ve never lived in the jungle you don’t know how the Tiger and the Bears move.
  • Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  • White people can’t thrive in this country without black people.
  • Cry if you will, rest if you must, but don’t quit.

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