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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas

Apr 14, 2016

In this episode....

1. Find out what makes the Mamba, The Mamba. 

2. Mamba vs Everybody (Find out where ET ranks Kobe amongst the Greatest of All Times.) 

3. The Warriors did it! But are they better than Jordan's Bulls? 

4. Honor thy Craft! Why most people fail in business and relationships. 

5. CJ teaches us a Jedi Mind Trick to remain Focused on the task at hand. 

6. ET's Nugget of the day! 

Josiah Harry
over four years ago

The content has been consistently inspiring, informative, and relevant. The connection you guys share is palpable…just incredible. Keep up the great effort!

over four years ago

Hey there people. Thanks for today's podcast. I felt like it was directed to me in terms of trying to be a motivational speaker. I greatly admire the passion and the heart work of ET and to be honest I am trying in my own little way to emulate him. I know I can never be him but I could be the best I can. I take your word as gospel. Keep getting better people. God bless.

Sadrack St.louis
over four years ago

Love the podcast. You guys are really consistent with your broadcasts