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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas

Mar 17, 2016

In this episode:
1. ET shares his account of "the spam" at Vashon High School
2. Nature is nature, let's nurture
3. CJ's "Viral" Secrets
4. The "Cheat code" to building a killer team
5. ET's most embarrassing speaking moment...

over four years ago

It was that part of the clip that brought tears to my eyes. I have seen the struggle front and center, so hearing his emotions on trying to get them to listen so that he can save their lives. I went and got my 11yr old son immediately and set him down to see this! I have been his biggest advocate because he was said to have ADHD. I have and will continue to be his biggest advocate to save my son from the school to prison-pipeline. Within learning how to get the right help for my child it opened my eyes to want to fight for every child and not just mine. I heard Cj, say that within the message there is still work that has to be done. I completely agree 100%! I have been wanting to be a bigger part of being an advocate for helping our people. I'm so thankful to have seen that video and hear you great men speak! I am now looking for all of yall's information to support, share and learn how I can help in the way that you all are doing!!! I am praying for you great men and just thank you all for your hard work!!!

Sadrack St.louis
over four years ago

I love your reference to expanding your brand by multiplying yourself in creating a strong team he reminds me a lot of the book I just read Sam carpenter work the system. Amazing Principle

Cornell Virgil-Mack
over four years ago

Thank you

over four years ago

So much I could say but I seriously and most emphatically appreciate and regard both of you gentlemen! Thank you for being the kings you are and creating queens and more kings among us!