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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Jul 23, 2020

One thing that the guys feel strongly about is healthy relationships. It Doesn't matter if it's friends, family, or business; interpersonal relationships play a big part in each of the guy's daily lives. On today's podcast, CJ starts the conversation off talking about two good friends who are at odds with each other, and he's found himself in the middle. From the outside looking in, he realizes both parties are highlighting the other's faults that they could each clearly see before the beef kicked off and chose to say nothing about. Now, because they're fighting one another, those problems have taken center stage.   Have you ever had a situation where you were at odds with someone and didn't know how to fix it? ET and the guys give practical advice on keeping and sustaining healthy relationships in all areas of your life.  

The Secret to Success Topics:

  • [05:00] - Trey’s Comedy Corner
  • [08:29] - Horrible Parenting
  • [13:19] - Fair or Foul
  • [17:38] - Brand Loyalty
  • [27:00] - Relationships 
  • [42:00] - The Presence 
  • [57:00] - Stupid Decision 
  • [1:15:00] - Selfish


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