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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas

May 28, 2020

The topic of money is one that most people shy away from. Like, politics,  religion, and sex,  money is a subject so taboo it's never to be discussed casually, among strangers or, at Holiday, family functions. At least that's what we've always heard.  On today's podcast, ET recalls a segment from a recent 1% Conference, where he told attendees to change the way they think about money. Did you know that there are 10 myths about money that are keeping people from being wealthy and prosperous? It's true. Today,  ET tears down a few of these myths and shows how holding onto these limiting beliefs about money is holding you back from living your best life. 

The Secret to Success Topics:

  • [04:04] - Trey’s Comedy Corner

  • [12:00] - Fair or Foul

  • [20:18] - Everybody Roll

  • [35:40] - Collectiveness Society

  • [43:09] - Bar Alert

  • [53:00] - Get In Position

  • [1:00:00] - No Either Or

  • [1:06:00] - REBUILD

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Secrets 2 Success:

  • The transition is believing you deserve this.

  • People will embrace a lie that’s not doing nothing for us before we embrace the truth.

  • If you want something you can’t take advice from inexperienced people.

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