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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Dec 12, 2019

Everyone wants to be happy and live a fruitful life. You have big dreams but you don’t know the vehicle you’re taking or even the complete destination. A lot of you listening have this big grand vision but you’re lacking the plan and/or the execution to make the vision come to life. On today’s podcast, the guy’s talk about how their vision became a reality. While listening you’ll learn what it takes to make your vision come to past not only by executing but how to do with precise planning. 

The Secret to Success Topics:

  • [05:25] - Fair or Foul
  • [20:35] - The Plan
  • [33:00] - Show Up
  • [45:00] - Karl Stayed
  • [1:04:00] - The World Changed
  • [1:10:00] - Ask ET

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Secrets 2 Success:

  • The reason you can’t do what you want to do is because you’re average.
  • Your vision won’t become a reality if you don’t learn how to show up every day.
  • You can’t ask people to take you seriously when you don’t show up.
  • You’re self-sabotaging by being all over the place.

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