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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Dec 5, 2019

There’s a belief that everyone wants to do well in life. No one wants to suffer or face financial hardships their entire life. The difference between those become a part of the 1% and those who don’t is applied information. On today’s podcast, the guys discuss the power of applied information and how it’s changed all of their lives. The power of applied information provides you options to live a life that no one in your family has ever experienced. Listen to today’s podcast with an open mind be ready to figure out what you want out of life what information you need to make it come to fruition. 

The Secret to Success Topics:

  • [04:10] - Jemal’s Proposal
  • [12:00] - First Class
  • [25:17] - Applied Information
  • [38:50] - Options
  • [50:12] - Don’t Chase The Money
  • [1:22:10] - Nugget of The Day

Listener Perks:

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Secrets 2 Success:

  • Applied Information is the only thing separating you from the 1%.
  • It’s harder to work and make money versus making money using information.
  • Don’t chase the money, chase greatness. 

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