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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Jul 27, 2017

Today’s show is dedicated to Bryant Kilgo whose life was impacted greatly by ET. ET had an opportunity to meet his mother who informed him that Bryant passed away in June. ET and the entire ETA squad would like to send our condolences.

Is the term fake it till you make it still valid ? Should current or future...

Jul 25, 2017

On today's Power Up episode ET talks about the importance of speed and how procrastination can and will sabotage you. You can't keep waiting and delaying things get things done efficiently and quickly as possible. If you're a procrastinator you have to take control TODAY. Speed can and will change your life. Don't...

Jul 20, 2017

The guys have an eventful fun filled weekend. Karl and his family took a trip up north for the first time, CJ and his family hung out in Michigan for a family reunion, and ET and his church family holds their first annual kick ball game.

Have you ever been on a flight with a jerk ? CJ had the experience over the week...

Jul 18, 2017

In this POWER - UP, ET shares: 

1. The importance of forecasting 

2. Speak It, Believe It 

3. No more procrastination 

Jul 13, 2017

The guys are still in Houston after the Stay Ready conference and their experiences are the subject of this week’s podcast episode. After meeting gazelle’s on two occasions the guys dive deep into the difference of an owner’s mentality and a worker’s mentality. Essentially when you’re operating like a gazelle...