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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Jan 26, 2017

In this episode...


1. ET ain't for the small talk

2. P7D

3. Van Noy 

4. Bok Choy 

5. Don't be Stupid 

Jan 19, 2017

In this episode...

1. Mama there goes that man 

2. New Year Same Story 

3. Kill or be killed 

4. You're a loser 

5. It's not too late 

Jan 13, 2017

In this episode...

1. South Beach Blunder 

2. Down Goes The Champ

3. Lions of the Caribbean 

4. Snowmegedon 2? 

5. Nugget of All Nuggets 

Jan 5, 2017

Happy New Year!! It's a New Year and a New Grind! ET and Karl share their interesting new year experience and plans for ETA in 2017. 

In this episode...

1. ET Gets Mushy w/ CJ

2. A Life Changing Revelation 

3. Cowardly Lion 

4. The Westbrook Model 

5. ET Makes A 2027 Prediction