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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

Feb 25, 2016

In this Episode:
1. ET on Primetime?
2. CJ's big blunder
3. Why you aren't making more money.
4. The real reason ET got a PhD.



Feb 18, 2016

In this episode:

1. ET's Limit. When does ET quit?

2. Why thinking beats hard work every time!

3. CJ reveals the gender of his new "why"

4. How to stop holding your gifts hostage

5. Execution is Worshipped: Jordan's World

6. The sure way to increase you circle of...

Feb 11, 2016

In this episode find out:

1. Why the  Superbowl halftime show has CJ and the team nervous about their jobs

2. ET's 25-year valentine secret

3. Why CJ doesn't have a Facebook page

4. The one area the ET still hasn't mastered - (it even made him stop working out)

Feb 4, 2016

In this Episode find out:

1. Why ET desperately wants to talk to Serena.
2. Why is CJ so annoyed with ET?
3. If you really qualify to be successful..
4. How CJ was able to dominate the telemarketing space
5. How giving away $1000 changed ET's life forever