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The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl & Eric Thomas

Jun 21, 2018

ET and the guys often talk about the importance of your environment. The importance of being around like minded individuals and making sure you have the right people in your circle. This week on the podcast they tackle the notion that says changing your circle makes you disloyal. What’s the balance ? Do you stay with your friends and not go to the next level ? Do you go to the next level and lose your friends ? ET stresses that you have to understand you have to give up something. You have to decide whether it will be certain relationships or the opportunity to become the greatest version of yourself. Which one will you choose ?

Time Stamped Topics:

  • [03:20] - Father’s Day Recap
  • [07:28] - Lion of The Week
  • [17:40] - Triple Double Detroit
  • [42:35] - Loyalty
  • [50:25] - ET’s Transition
  • [1:08:20] - Walking The Balance
  • [1:35:40] - The Nugget Of The Day

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The Secrets To Success:

  • “When emotions are high, reasoning is low.”
  • “If you’re in your feelings you’re going to get beat, if you’re in the principles you’ll get it.”

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